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A complex duplicate finder solution for Mac OS X that is able to analyze various types of files, such as images, music, applications, and more.

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Keeping duplicate documents on your Mac is a waste of space that might be put to a better use. Tidy Up! is an easy to use application that can help you detect duplicates by employing different sorting methods, and then quickly remove them from your system.

Effortless to install duplicate finder that includes various scanning and sorting methods

Finding your way around Tidy Up! is fairly intuitive since the apps main window comes with a clean and organized design: in the left panel you can select the folders you want to scan, while on the right you get to customize the scanning settings.

Tidy Up! comes with Basic and Advanced search modes: using the second is advisable if you want to compare files by attributes (file name, modification or creation dates, file extension, type, creator name, item size and more).

Intuitive management solutions for dealing with the detected duplicate files

After the scanning process is over, Tidy Up! opens a new window where you can browse the duplicate files and select the ones you want to remove. The application is able to delete all items, or only the checked / unchecked ones.

To make sure you actually want to send a specific file to the Trash, Tidy Up! allows you view the file attributes, a thumbnail (if it is the case), and integrates with the Quick Look plug-in. At the same time, the items can be moved and copied, or burned to a disc.

Versatile and powerful solution for quickly detecting and handling duplicate files

Tidy Up! offers you the possibility to clean up your Mac’s disk by making sure there are no duplicates. The application is able to compare different types of files, highlights the ones that are holding up space unnecessarily, and then helps you delete them without to much hustle.

Tidy Up! was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
Tidy Up! - In the Tidy Up! main window you can easily select the type of files you want to analyze and the folders you want to scan.Tidy Up! - screenshot #2Tidy Up! - screenshot #3Tidy Up! - screenshot #4Tidy Up! - In the Tidy Up! main window you can easily monitor the scanning process.Tidy Up! - screenshot #6Tidy Up! - In the Tidy Up! Preferences window you can set up a size limit for the preview function.Tidy Up! - screenshot #8

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