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Streamlined and user friendly software solution designed to help you improve your Mac's performance by removing unwanted and junk files.

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Your Mac’s performance can be affected by junk files left behind by app installations that have not been removed properly, large cache or duplicate files, unnecessary language packages, and so on.

SimBooster is a fairly easy to use Mac app that will scan your computer in order to detect items that might limit the overall system performance, and helps you remove them with minimal effort.

Easy to install system cleaner featuring a stylish user interface

Working with SimBooster is extremely intuitive, due to its clean and organized design: on the left side of the app’s main window you can view a list of all included tools, while on the right you can visualize a more detailed description, but also the scan results.

Most of the SimBooster functions come with self explanatory names, and have a small box attached: check and uncheck the box to include or ignore specific items from the scan results. The same rule applies when deleting files: only the ones that have their associated box checked will be sent to the Trash.

Effortlessly analyze your system and identify potentially unwanted files

The SimBooster app is able to find user or system logs or cache files, language packages that you do not use, junk files left by deleted apps, binary packages, broken login items, browser cookies or history files, duplicate or large files, and so on.

In addition, the app comes with an uninstaller utility that will help you remove all the files associated to a specific installations. Moreover, it can delete files and folders permanently, and can optimize your memory and your startup app list.

User friendly system optimization solution that can help you get rid of unwanted files and folders

SimBooster proposes simple yet efficient tools that are able to point out the junk, unnecessary, or outdated files that take up disk space pointlessly. By removing all that baggage, you will be able to access your Mac’s full potential at all times.

SimBooster Pro was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 4th, 2015
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