ServiceMaster 1.3

A lightweight yet powerful utility that enables you to test and stress your Mac's processor and network connection with just a few mouse clicks

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3 ServiceMaster Screenshots:
ServiceMaster - From ServiceMaster's main window you can switch between the Stress, Nuke and Net tab.ServiceMaster - The Nuke tab helps you remove a user, delete home folder and reset the Apple new user setup and welcome message.ServiceMaster - By accessing the Net tab, you can generate traffic between two networked hosts.
ServiceMaster is a collection of tools usually used by Mac technicians to diagnose and generate stress loads on your Mac’s CPU and network traffic between your computer and the target host.

From ServiceMaster’s main window you have quick and easy access to three basic functions as follows: System stress testing, User account manipulation and Network stress testing. Each module comes with its own tab and configuration options.

The Stress tab helps you test a Mac’s processor by applying a certain amount of CPU load in order to discover various intermittent problems and to reveal cooling or heat management issues. You can choose between eight different stress levels and set the duration of the test anywhere between one minute and 120 minutes. From the bottom sliding sheet you can view and track the stress test and check out your settings before stressing your workstation.

By accessing the Nuke tab, you can individually delete user accounts from the NetInfo database (Mac OS X10.3 - 10.4) or from the local Directory (Mac OS X 10.5 +). Additionally, you can delete home folders and reset the Apple new user setup and welcome message. Mac resellers can use the Nuke feature in order to preserve the new-use experience after pre-installing apps for their customers.

Thanks to the Net module you can easily and effortlessly generate network traffic between two local hosts. You will be able to troubleshoot reports of intermittent connectivity with Airport wireless networks. Like in the case of the Stress tab, you can set the batch size and duration of the test and access the sliding panel to view your settings and test log. You can even use the Flood function to flood the target with network traffic if you need to test network cabling.

ServiceMaster performed pretty well throughout all our test with the exception of the Stress function that displayed an AppleScript error at the end of the test. The only inconvenience is that you have to quit and restart the application before using any other tools or features.

In brief, ServiceMaster is a practical and user-friendly application that enables you to stress your Mac’s CPU and discover a various problems that your computer might have.

ServiceMaster was reviewed by , last updated on January 3rd, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)

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