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A lightweight, free and easy-to-use hack for the OS X platform that makes the system bar look black and its text and icons look gray

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Obsidian Menu Bar is a hack for the Mac OS X platform that will turn the system bar black. In other words, the Obsidian Menu Bar hack overwrites the system files which control the way the menu bar looks with a few clicks. The hack provides a simple installer and uninistaller.

After running the “Install Obsidian Menu Bar.app”, you will need to log out your computer account in order for the changes to take effect. However, you can also restart an application to view the menu bar black when clicking on the app. Nevertheless, a log out is recommended.

Note that before the hack makes the changes, you will need to disable the “Translucent menu bar” option in the “Desktop & Screen Saver” panel of the System Preferences. Another tip is to turn off “LCD font smoothing” that makes bright text on dark background look thicker than it needs to be.

Furthermore, Obsidian Menu Bar makes the text and icons look grey with a flashy effect on top. By default, the date / hour icons on the right of the menu bar will not be displayed in grey. This is why you need to install the “WhiteUIServer.menu” file included in the distribution package.

If you want to restore the old look of the system bar, you can easily do so by running the “Restore Default Menu Bar.app” in the hack’s folder. After you log out of your account, the menu bar will look like before, with black icons and text.

All things considered, the Obsidian Menu Bar hack is quite an innovative piece of software that can make OS X’s menu bar black. Although this might look appealing, installing the software can pose a few risks, as the hack might make unwanted changes to your system files. Use it with caution.

Obsidian Menu Bar was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Obsidian Menu Bar - The menu bar will turn black after installing the hack.

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