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A widely adopted software solution which gives you the power to keep your Mac and your files safe from the newest threats on the web

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Norton AntiVirus is a powerful application designed to protect your Mac against viruses, malware and network vulnerabilities that would allow others to access your system.

Scans for and blocks multiple types of threats automatically

Norton AntiVirus offers several protection modules that work together to keep your Mac safe at all times. They can prevent infection, scan for viruses whenever your system is idle and monitor your Internet connection for unauthorized access attempts.

The automatic scanning engine can keep future threats at bay, but you can also launch custom scans manually if you want to look for viruses in specific locations.

Idle-time scanning and real-time vulnerability protection

Provided the function is enabled, you can choose which locations should be searched when your Mac is not being used, if the app should automatically deal with any infections and whether or not you want to always be informed of the results, even when threats are not located.

Norton AntiVirus comes equipped with a large database of vulnerability signatures, and you can decide which of them should be taken into consideration. Additionally, the three-step Sensitivity slider allows you to specify how thorough Norton AntiVirus should be. A higher level may lead to more false alerts, but a lower one could make your system less secure.

Detailed virus definition information and activity log

Norton AntiVirus provides you with an extensive list of the viruses it can protect you against, and you can learn more about them to satisfy your curiosity or do a better job of avoiding them in the future.

The application also logs all the actions it has performed, from definitions updates to antivirus scans and prevented attacks.

Overall, Norton AntiVirus is a helpful and easy-to-use tool that can find and remove existing threats, block network attacks and prevent your Mac from being infected by viruses in the future.

Norton AntiVirus was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
Norton AntiVirus - The Norton AntiVirus status tab gives you a report of the overall state of your system and the currently enabled security measures.Norton AntiVirus - Norton AntiVirus can perform multiple types of scans, to either search the most vulnerable areas or your whole Mac.Norton AntiVirus - You can view a detailed history of all the actions performed by Norton AntiVirus in a specified time range.Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #4Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #5Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #6Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #7Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #8Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #9Norton AntiVirus - screenshot #10

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