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A lightweight, user-oriented and unobtrusive menulet that makes it easy for you to re-mount NTFS volumes in read-write mode for unrestricted access

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Mounty for NTFS is smooth-running Mac OS X application specially designed to help you re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes in read-write mode.

Enables you to quickly re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes in your Mac’s Finder

The light and low-key application runs quietly in the background and automatically detects NFTS formatted volumes that are ready to re-mount in read-write mode.

Mounty for NTFS seamlessly integrates with Apple’s Notification Center and issues notifications every time a NTFS volume is detected.

By default, Mounty for NTFS offers you the option to re-mount a volume directly from a notification window but, you can change the alert style if you rather us Mounty for NTFS’ status bar menu.

Mount, re-mount and unmount NTFS drives with just a couple of mouse clicks

As mentioned above, you can instantly access Mounty for NTFS’ status bar menu and re-mount any of the discovered volumes. On top of that, you can easily configure Mounty for NTFS to automatically start at login.

What is more, Mounty for NTFS’ menu bar icon changes its color base on the state of the app and the mounted drives. As follows, the black and white icon indicates that there is nothing to mount, the green status bar icon indicates the presence of a NTFS volume that is ready to re-mount,

The blue icon lets you know that there is a mounted writable NTFS volume while the red Mounty for NTFS icon announces a failure.

Reveal the re-mounted NTFS volume in Finder and access the needed files and folders

Thanks to Mounty for NTFS’ status bar menu you also have the option to reveal the re-mounted NTFS drives in your Mac’s finder and, at the same time, you can quickly unmount the selected USB drive.

Mounty for NTFS was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 2nd, 2014
Mounty for NTFS - Mounty for NTFS automatically detect NTFS volumes and offers you the option to remount them as read and write volumes.Mounty for NTFS - From Mounty for NTFS' status bar menu, you can reveal the re-mounted volume in Finder or unmount it with ease.

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