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Unsophisticated file name processing solution that can help you prepare your content for the web, while also providing support for basic renaming tasks

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Employing special characters for the files, especially if you are planning to use on the web, can lead to various issues. ManageNameExt is a minimalist yet very efficient OS X app that can deal with basic file renaming tasks.

Quickly define custom renaming patterns for your files

The ManageNameExt user interface is represented by a plain window where, in the top area, you can see the list of imported files and folders that will be processed, while the bottom region is reserved for the editing tools.

Within the ManageNameExt main window, you can choose to use lower cases, upper cases, or title cases for the file names, or decide to keep them unchanged. At the same time, you can replace individual characters with others, add a prefix or a suffix.

Moreover, you can modify the file’s modification date and time, or prepare it for the web. When preparing files for the web, ManageNameExt applies the rules defined in the Preferences window: it will replace certain characters with others, and make sure the files use only authorized symbols.

Effortlessly manipulate the file’s extension name

Noteworthy is that ManageNameExt can also deal with cleaning up the file’s extension names. You can choose to add a particular extension (manually or automatically), to remove it completely, or to only hide it.

At the same time, you can quickly switch them to lower case, upper case, or title case formatting. ManageNameExt automatically operates the changes and allows you to preview the results, but to complete the procedure, you must press the “Process” button placed in the bottom right corner of the main window.

Batch rename file names, prepare them for the web, or change the extension’s formatting

ManageNameExt offers you the necessary tools for handling entire folders but also individual files at the same time, and create a coherent naming pattern for your files. In addition, you can also prepare them for the web, and choose to use the same formatting for the file’s extension.

ManageNameExt was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
ManageNameExt - The ManageNameExt main window where you can import the files and folders you want to process and setup the modification parametersManageNameExt - Via the ManageNameExt File menu you can import files and folders by using the Finder capabilities, make aliases for files, and so onManageNameExt - Via the ManageNameExt Preferences window you can define the rules for preparing the file names for the web

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