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A fully-featured system optimizer that enables you to clean your Mac's hard disk, improve your system performance and track down your computer in case of theft

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MacReviver is a handy and user-oriented utility capable to increase your Mac’s hard disk space, reduce startup time and locate your computer’s location if stolen.

From MacReviver’s intuitive interface you have easy access to all the tools and features you need to clean, optimize and restore your system’s stability and performance. On top of that, MacReviver offers an Anti-Theft Protection feature capable to discover the location of your Mac and take pictures of the user that is using your computer.

The System Status tab helps you view how much hard disk space you can save and a short summary with the total number of applications you have installed on your Mac. You can start up the cleaning process by accessing the Quick Cleanup tab from where you can scan your computer for all sort of junk files as well as files that are not necessary for your Mac model.

Thanks to MacReviver you can remove unnecessary parts of applications, system and user cache files, unwanted interface languages as well as system and user log files. You can trust MacReviver with the removal process or manually select the files you want to remove via the Binaries, Language, Cache and Logs Cleanup tabs.

Another useful feature provided by MacReviver is the Duplicated Finder utility that enables you to scan one or more folders for duplicate files. Thanks to this feature you can remove even more unneeded files and gain precious free space.

Another way you could save disk space and speed up your computer is by reducing the number of Login items and by uninstalling applications that you no longer use. The Uninstaller tab helps you view all installed applications, widgets, preferences and plugins and correctly uninstall them from your hard disk.

To conclude, MacReviver is a practical and very easy-to-use application that provides all the utilities and features you need to protect, clean and speed up your Mac.

MacReviver was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 2nd, 2015
MacReviver - From MacReviver's main window you can view your Mac's system status.MacReviver - The Quick Cleanup tab helps you scan for junk files and remove unnecessary files from your Mac's hard disk.MacReviver - screenshot #3MacReviver - By accessing the Duplicates Finder, you can scan your folders for duplicate files and select the files you want to remove.MacReviver - screenshot #5MacReviver - screenshot #6MacReviver - screenshot #7MacReviver - screenshot #8MacReviver - screenshot #9MacReviver - screenshot #10MacReviver - screenshot #11

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