MacFUSE (Tuxera) for Mac

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Utility that makes it very simple to mount various file systems on a Mac, previously inaccessible because they haven't been designed to work with OS X

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MacFUSE (Tuxera) is a software package designed to extend the Mac OS X file handling capabilities. The project is no longer under development and will not install on more recent OS X releases. However, Tuxera has compiled a version that comes with 64bit support and can run on OS X 10.7.

Easy to install software package that offers support for 3rd party file systems

The MacFUSE (Tuxera) package includes a kernel extension, a user-space library (includes the FUSE API), and C and Objective-C SDKs and libraries. For your convenience, the installer package places a preference pane in your System Preferences that enables you to check for updates (including for beta releases) or to remove the MacFUSE (Tuxera) software from your Mac.

From the user’s point of view, the MacFUSE (Tuxera) installation enables the support of 3rd party file systems that have been written using the MacFUSE SDK. On the other side, the developers can use the SDK to make new file systems for the users.

Create file systems that can be used to extend the Mac OS X capabilities

MacFUSE (Tuxera) provides everything you need to make your own file systems that can be used as user-space application: as a result, you will be able to employ on Mac OS X  file systems that are not natively supported.

The best part is that, since the new file systems are not kernel extensions, you can employ different types of programming tools, libraries, and code debuggers. In addition, the file systems content can be extracted from various sources.

Powerful software solution for creating and installing 3rd party file systems

MacFUSE (Tuxera) provides a streamlined solution that extends the native OS X capabilities when it comes to dealing with 3rd party file systems. The software is easy to install, integrates quickly into the operating system, and provides all you need for creating new file systems.

MacFUSE (Tuxera) was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 27th, 2014
MacFUSE (Tuxera) - The MacFUSE (Tuxera) preference pane window you can see the currently installed MacFUSE version, and check for updates.

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