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An intuitive and straightforward graphical user interface utility that will allow you to easily install kernel extensions on your Mac's system

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Installing kernel extensions on your Mac is not as easy as copying the kext file in your System/Library/Extensions folder. You need to use a program that will repair system permissions for each installation.

Kext Helper is a free utility that enables you to install kernel extensions on your Mac with only a few mouse clicks. All you need to do to deploy a kernel extension on your Mac's system is to drop a kext file onto the main window, and then click on the "EASY INSTALL" or "Run" buttons.

Moreover, the Kext Helper application provides several tools which allow you to set the kext permissions, make scripts, and tag the cache rebuild. The "kext permissions" option is designed to set permissions to all files in your Extensions folder from the system library. The "make script" feature takes your kext file and creates an install script from it.

Furthermore, using the "tag cache rebuild" option, you can make a script for the extensions folder in order to rebuild the cache on the next computer restart.

Kext Helper also features a standard Mac OS X user interface and can be used in two ways: simple and advanced. In the simple mode, you can just install the kext extensions you've added. The advanced mode, however, includes all the options mentioned above.

In addition the aforementioned features, Kext Helper creates a backup of the kernel extensions which are replaced during the installation. The backups are put into a folder named "Backup Extensions" on the root of your drive.

All things considered, Kext Helper is not actually the best solution to install kexts on newer Mac OS X computers, since it has not been updated for years. Nevertheless, it still does a good job in doing so.

Kext Helper was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 28th, 2013
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