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A minimalist AppleScript that offers you the possibility to make sure any of your drives remains awake at all times, while others are allowed to go to sleep.

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Usually, drives are going to sleep after a certain period in order to save energy, but this can be a problem if your Mac has to perform an action that does not require user interaction. Keep Drive Spinning is a small AppleScript designed to help you control the driver’s behavior in this respect.

Makes use of Automator

Keep Drive Spinning is using an Automator action to launch the scripts user interface, but it might not work properly on Macs with PowerPC CPUs. However, if you are running at least Mac OS X 10.4, simply double click the Keep Drive Spinning.applescript file contained in the source folder.

This will launch the document in the Apple Script Editor, so all you have to do next is press the “Run” button and use the script as usual.

User friendly workflow

The Keep Drive Spinning main window provides all you might need to know about the script’s functionality: essentially, the applet creates a hidden file that will be accessed once every few minutes in order to make sure the drive remains active. This action is triggered by a launch agent.

Keep awake multiple drives

On the bottom right area of the Keep Drive Spinning main window you can see the “Keep a drive awake” button. Simply press it and select from a list the drive you want to keep always active. The script automatically quits after a selection is made, so if you want to modify the status of another drive, all you have to do is run the script once more.

Allow a drive to sleep

Keep Drive Spinning enables you to reverse the process by pressing the ”Let a drive sleep” button and selecting the drive again. In addition, you can navigate to the Launch Agents folder in your Library and delete the Spinning.plist file that contains the drive name.

Simple AppleScript for keeping drives active

Keep Drive Spinning offers a simple solution for making sure a drive remains active at all times, even if the Energy Saver adjustments in the System Preferences do not seem to work.

Keep Drive Spinning was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 16th, 2015
Keep Drive Spinning - The Keep Drive Spinning welcome screen where you can read what the applet can do, and choose to keep drives awakeKeep Drive Spinning - The Keep Drive Spinning drive selector where you can view all detected drives and choose the one you want to keep awakeKeep Drive Spinning - The Keep Drive Spinning timer where you can specify how often you want the applet to prod a certain driveKeep Drive Spinning - The Keep Drive Spinning drive selector automatically detects the disk that are kept awake and allows you to put them to sleep

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