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A cross-platform and versatile benchmark specially made for measuring your computer's processor and memory performance using various tests

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Geekbench is a practical processor benchmark that enables you to assess your Mac’s CPU and RAM performance and share the results with other users.

Advanced processor benchmark

Geekbench comes with a flexible scoring system capable to rank the single-core and multi-core performance. On top of that, Geekbench offers complex workloads capable to simulate real-life scenarios. Thanks to Geekbench, you can now find out how fast or how slow your computer really is.

Real-world tests

The use of comprehensive rests designed to replicate various scenarios from real-world situations allow you to easily determine the speed with which your current or next machine is able to handle various tasks and applications.

Stress tests

What is more, Geekbench provides a series of stress test that can test the stability of your system and reveal small or even big problems with your computer. On top of that, all featured tests are multi-core aware.

Consequently, you can discover the true potential of the system you are testing whether you are running Geekbench on a dual-core MacBook or a 12-core Mac Pro. In addition, Geekbench offers both 32-bit and 64-bit benchmarks.

Furthermore, Geekbench is cross-platform, fact that allows you to compare a wide variety of devices regardless of their manufacturer and operating system. Hence, you can compare Macs with PCs or iOS devices with Android devices.

Clean and intuitive interface

From Geekbench’s main window you can easily view information about your Mac’s model, processor, memory and operating system. You also have the option to choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit benchmarks.

Once the test is complete, a result page is automatically opened in your default web browser. From this page you can view your Single-Core along with the Multi-Core score and analyze the results. You can compare your results with other similar systems or share them with other users via the Geekbench Browser.

Geekbench was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 13th, 2015
Geekbench - From GeekBench's main window you will be able to start the benchmarks in either 32 or 64 bit mode.Geekbench - The 'BenchmarK Progress' dialog will allow you to monitor the currently running benchmark, as well as the overall benchmarking process' progress.Geekbench - After completing the benchmark, GeekBench will automatically upload your system's results to their database.Geekbench

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