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A simple status bar menu application that is able to display how much free space there is left on your local drive and enables you to quickly eject drives.

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Backing up your data to multiple storage locations is a sage decision even though managing the additional drives can be time-consuming.

Manage all drives connected to your Mac via the status bar

FreeSpace is a minimalist status bar menulet application that displays all the drives connected to your Mac, the available partitions or the network storage locations.

In addition, the FreeSpace app allows you to view the free space on each drive and enables you to quickly eject them one by one (press the arrow button assigned to each drive) or all at the same time (click on the “Eject All” entry in the menu or use the Command + E hotkey).

The application will organize the available storage location into logical groups, such as local storage, external storage, according to the device’s type and more.

Keep an eye on the status of each drive to see if you are running out of space

On the right side of each entry, you can see the amount of free space. If the reading is in red, it means that the free space has dropped below the percent specified by the user in the Preferences menu.

FreeSpace comes with few customization options that can be accessed via the Preferences entry included in the main menu.

You can choose to launch the application at login, and you can decide what type of data you want to display in the menu bar: the icon or the free space of the currently select volume, how many decimal places should be used and if you want to see the measurement unit.

Integrates with the Notification Center to send out alerts about your storage devices

FreeSpace can display notification messages within the application or via the Notifications Center each time you connect or eject a drive.

All in all, even though FreeSpace features basic functions, it can prove to be very useful if you are using numerous storage devices, and you need to keep track of them.

FreeSpace was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
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