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Comprehensive disk maintenance tool for Mac OS X that enables you to maintain the integrity of your drives by optimizing their usage

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Your Mac’s performance can be slowed down by different factors: large duplicate documents and other types of unnecessary files, disk failures, data fragmentation, and so on. Drive Genius is an user friendly Mac app designed to help you clean your disk and optimize the usage of the available space.

Regain disk space and improve your Mac’s performance via intuitive tools

Within the Drive Genius main window you have the option to access any of the cleaning and optimization tools provided by the app: Defrag, DriveSlim, Repair, Scan to deallocate bad blocks, DrivePulse, Integrity Check, Initialize, Repartition, Duplicate, Shred, Benchtest, or Sector Edit. In addition, the Information panel provides extensive details about each connected drive.

Most of the included tools have self explanatory names, but you can also read a small description and usage pointers in the bottom area of the Drive Genius main window. For easy navigation, Drive Genius also provides a small drop down list containing all the available tools.

Detect disk failures, identify junk files, and repair permission

You can use Drive Genius to quickly detect large unused files, duplicates, unnecessary localizations,  or universal binaries: this way you can start to quickly regain disk space by deleting files that you do not need.

Moreover, you can verify preferences, repair disk permissions, check the drive integrity, erase the drive content and create a HFS+ volume, expand / shrink / create / delete / hide / reveal partitions, duplicate volumes, secure delete data, perform benchmark tests, and so on.

Optimize your disk usage and reduce the seeking and opening time frames

Since Drive Genius comes with a defragmentation tool, the application is able to rearrange your large files on the disk in order to reduce the time to find a certain data and improve your Mac’s overall performance. All in all, if you are looking for a comprehensive collection of tools that can help you keep your Mac clean and working at its full capability, Drive Genius certainly deserves your attention.

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Last updated on May 27th, 2015
Drive Genius - The Drive Genius main window where you can view general information about your system and about the drives connected to your MacDrive Genius - The Drive Pulse function monitors your systems and displays alerts when encountering reliability issuesDrive Genius - The Drive Genius main window where you can select the dive you want to optimize and view all available toolsDrive Genius - The Defragment tool offers you the possibility to optimize any drive by re-organizing the included files in continuous data blocksDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive GeniusDrive Genius - The Drive Genius Preferences window where you must input your email address if you want to receive notifications by mail

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