Display Maestro for Mac2.0.5

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A small application designed to give you full control over your Mac's display settings by allowing you to switch between all available resolutions and bit depths

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Display Maestro is a simple, small and menu bar based app that enables users to fully control the properties of their Mac’s display by enabling them to use all available or hidden resolutions and bit depths.

Easy to install utility that will enable its users to have greater control over their Mac’s resolution options

Like many other OS X applications, the installation procedure for Display Maestro is reduced to a simple drag and drop to the Applications directory.

Once you’ve done that, Display Maestro will instantly and seamlessly integrate itself into the menu bar, giving you the feeling that it’s a default component of OS X itself.

You can access Display Maestro’s capabilities quickly and with ease by clicking the icon from your Mac’s status bar. From there, you can choose from a list of display resolutions, choose to show or hide the unsafe resolutions, restore the ColorSync settings and check the current resolution.

Menu bar based tool for changing display resolution with the help of a simple to use drop down menu

Display Maestro comes in to help those who want to play old games, by enabling the use of 256-bit color mode, discontinued by Apple when it released OS 10.5 Leopard back in 26 October, 2007.

Also noteworthy is that you can setup the app to open and set your favorite display resolution at system start-up, while, once you’ve selected Quit Display Maestro from its drop-down menu, it will revert your screen resolution back to your previous setting.

What’s more, Display Maestro comes with built-in support for multiple monitors and can help you get a quick overview of detailed information about each display device’s resolution.

A must-have application designed to provide an easy way of changing screen resolution unobtrusively

To sum it all up, Display Maestro is a straightforward and minimalist OS X application that makes it possible for users to have better control over their Mac’s display resolutions and that brings back the possibility to switch to the old time desired 256-color mode for backward game compatibility.

Display Maestro was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on July 1st, 2015
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