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Forthright Mac OS X disk cleaning utility that enables you to effortlessly find and remove cache files, log files, mail downloads, and other junk files.

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Disk space is a finite resource, so making sure that you do not waste any by storing unnecessary or junk files is extremely important. DiskKeeper is a minimalist Mac OS X app that can scan your computer in order to find cache, mail downloads, .DS_Store folders, or logs, and offers you the possibility to remove them with the press of a button.

Uncomplicated disk cleaning solution featuring a highly intuitive workflow

All the DiskKeeper capabilities are accessible via the app’s main window, which makes the disk cleaning process extremely straightforward. Right on top of the window you can see how much free space you have to start with, and how much will be available after the cleaning process.

The center area is reserved for detailing what type of files will be deleted, while the bottom window area includes buttons for triggering the scanning and cleaning processes. Noteworthy is that you cannot manually select the files that will be deleted: you can only choose to exclude user specific cache or log files.

User friendly software solution that enables you to effortlessly clean up your disk drive from unnecessary and junk files

However, DiskKeeper deals only with files that are not essential for your system’s performance, so does not require close user supervision. On the system side, DiskKeeper is able to find and delete, applications and browsers cache files, mail downloads, or .DS_Store folders. At the same time, you can choose to empty the trash or to delete user cache or log files.

Lastly, DiskKeeper keeps two counters that let you know how much space has been freed the last time you ran the cleaner, but also since you started using the app. To conclude, DiskKeeper proves to be extremely easy to use, and can help you reduce the time you spend performing specific cleaning tasks.

DiskKeeper was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
DiskKeeper - In the DiskKeeper main window you can effortlessly see how much space will be saved up by the cleaning process.DiskKeeper - In the DiskKeeper main window you can see if the cleaning process has been performed.DiskKeeper - screenshot #3

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