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A straightforward application designed to help you free up your Mac's disk space by identifying and removing files you do not use.

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Unused and junk files take up precious disk space but also have the potential to take down a notch your Mac’s performance. Disk Doctor is an easy to use application that can help you clean up your disc and gain some extra space.

To work properly, Disk Doctor needs to be directed to your User and Applications folders. You can do that via the initial panel: simply select the appropriate buttons and navigate to their respective directories.

To get started, in the Disk Doctor main window, you must press the “Start Scan” button placed in the bottom left corner. At this point, the Disk Doctor window displays data about the total disk capacity, the used and the free space.

Disk Doctor will scan your Mac in order to detect applications caches, applications logs, browser data, the files moved to your Trash, the ones stored in your Downloads folder, your Mail downloads and files that are larger than 100MB.

Note that each of these categories come with their own on/off buttons that enable you to decide if the contained files will be included in the cleaning or not. In addition, you can view details about the browser data (you can choose which browser you want to clean) and the detected large files (you get to decide which ones will be removed).

Moreover, Disk Doctor allows you to quickly navigate to the Trash Can, Downloads and Mail Downloads folders. This way you can make sure that you will not delete important data. Press the Next button to actually remove the files and Disk Doctor will let you know how much space you gained.

All in all, Disk Doctor comes with a simple solution to quickly identify the files that might take up disc space unnecessarily and helps you erase them in no time.

Disk Doctor was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 7th, 2013
Disk Doctor - In the Disk Doctor's main window you can view your drive's current status.Disk Doctor - Disk Doctor will scan you disk and analyze the data stored on your device.Disk DoctorDisk Doctor - Disk Doctor will let you know if the process has been successful and how much spaced has been freed.

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