Default Folder X 4.7

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A status bar menu application for the Mac OS X designed to streamline the saving and opening files processes for any OS X-native utility

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What's new in Default Folder X 4.7:

  • The filename edit field in Save dialogs is now resized to be as wide as possible, letting you see and edit long filenames without scrolling.
  • Default Folder X will intercept Command-Delete in file dialogs to invoke its "Move to Trash" command instead of the built-in OS X behavior. This results in Default Folder X showing a warning before items are moved to the Trash, rather than trashing files and folders without confirmation, as OS X does by default.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause long delays in Default Folder X when some disks or network volumes were unavailable.
  • On Mac OS 10.10.3 and higher, Default Folder X will no longer try to fix the ever-growing-save-dialog bug (because Apple has finally fixed it).
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Default Folder X - You will be able to access Default Folder X's preferences or select a folder from the menu bar.Default Folder X - The app allows you to view various info about files and folders before opening them.Default Folder X - From the Preferences, one can add default and favorite folders to open.Default Folder XDefault Folder XDefault Folder XDefault Folder X
The default Open and Save dialogs included by default in Mac OS X don’t have too many customization options. Default Folder X is a small utility that can help you personalize the entire experience by adding new locations, Spotlight tags, comments, and many more options.

Access favorite folders from the status bar and create your own folders lists

The Default Folder X status bar menu offers you the possibility to navigate to your default, favorite, and recent folders. At the same time, the menu also allows you to view all opened Finder windows and bring any of them forward.

The Default Folder X preferences can be adjusted via a Preferences Pane that will be added to your Systems Preferences. Here you can add specific directories to be used by default with certain applications. Furthermore, you can create your own Favorite Folders list.

Open and Save toolbar

If Default Folder X is running, each time you want to save or open a file in an OS X native  utility, the application will add a toolbar that provides all these options in a more easily accessible manner.

To navigate between the different menus, simply put your mouse on top of them. However, you can also make use of the keyboard shortcuts assigned by default to frequently used functions.

Integrated Spotlight and QuickLook options

To make sure that you can always find your files as fast as possible, Default Folder X enables you to add Spotlight keywords, tags, comments, or labels within the Save dialog.

On the other hand, when you are opening files, Default Folder X allows you to preview the documents in a thumbnail and even zoom to full size.

Intuitive solution for customizing the default Save and Open dialog

Default Folder X is proposing simple solutions for personalizing your experience when opening or saving files. The app is focused on efficiency and will certainly improve your workflow.

Default Folder X was reviewed by , last updated on April 7th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Universal Binary)


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