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Lightweight and user-friendly system personalization utility that makes it simple and fast to toggle and customize a wide array of hidden OS X features and options

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Deeper is a free and very easy to use OS X utility designed to help you to rapidly adjust and enable a vast assortment of hidden system options and features via a user-oriented and tabbed user interface.

Makes it possible to effortlessly toggle a wide array of hidden system features with a simple mouse click

Moreover, Deeper allows you to enable or disable secret functions for the Finder, Dock, Safari, QuickTime, iTunes, Login window, Spotlight, Mission Control, as well as many other Apple applications.

Furthermore, you can also use Deeper to adjust system parameters and other options via the General tab and, with the help of the Misc. tab, you can toggle a number of options related to the Disk Utility, the Help Viewer, the Screen Sharing app and many other miscellaneous applications that come bundled with OS X.

Deeper also makes it possible to toggle the Time Machine backups on or off and to reset or adjust the Launchpad background sharpness via a slider based control.

Rapidly reset all system and app parameters you modified to their default values with just a click of a button

What’s more, while using Deeper to customize your OS X user experience, you can rapidly choose to reload all system parameters that the app can help you customize, so that you can quickly reset the value of any options you wanted to customize but don’t want to change anymore.

As an extra advantage, the Deeper system customization tool comes includes a detailed help which will allow you to get detailed information about each and every system and application option and feature that the app allows you to adjust or toggle.

From Deeper’s Preferences window, you may turn on and off the interface drawer effect for speeding up the workflow and configure it to automatically delete the action log after each session for hiding any customizations you’ve made from prying eyes.

Fast and user-friendly OS X hidden feature toggler and system behavior customization app for both beginners and power users

Everything considered, using Deeper to customize and adjust your system and the Apple applications’ behavior is a simple and straightforward task.

Deeper manages to help you access and modify a vast collection of options and features that Apple has concealed deep within the operating system via an intuitive and well-designed user interface.

Deeper was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
Deeper - In the Deeper main window you can adjust general settings for the entire system, the Finder, QuickTime, Safari and more.Deeper - screenshot #2Deeper - screenshot #3Deeper - screenshot #4Deeper - screenshot #5Deeper - In the Deeper Login panel you can change the default login background, choose to hide the Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down commands from the login windowDeeper - In the Deeper Mission Control panel you can easily customize the Mission Control and Dashboard behaviorDeeper - screenshot #8Deeper - screenshot #9Deeper - screenshot #10

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