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An application that allows you to scan the content of any drive or folder, and then provides you with a complete graph displaying the space occupied by each file.

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Disk space is a finite resource, so making sure you’re not storing large files or archives unnecessarily is very important. DaisyDisk is a stylish Mac app that analyzes your internal disk, but also other volumes connected to your Mac, or network storage locations, in order to help you identify your space wasters.

Disk analysis tool that automatically detects all volumes connected to your Mac

At launch, DaisyDisk scans your system and then provides a list of locations that can be analyzed. You can easily start a scan for an entire volume, but DaisyDisk also offers you the possibility to scan specific folders.

When the analysis is over, the application automatically generates a graphic representation to help you understand which files take up the most space. DaisyDisk assigns various colors to large items or folders, and offers you the possibility to browse the directories in an hierarchical manner.

Effortlessly identify large junk files and clean up your disk

For your convenience, DaisyDisk includes support for the Quick Look plug-in so you can easily preview files, but also offers you the option to see them in a Finder window. This way, you get to easily decide if you actually need the file, or it has been simply forgotten on your disk.

To streamline the cleanup process, DaisyDisk allows you to send certain items to the “Collector” panel and then quickly delete the files from within the app, with a simple mouse click. The good news that you get to review the file list before launching the removal process, so you cannot accidentally delete files you need.

Beautifully designed disk analyzer featuring hierarchical graphical representations and intuitive clean up tools

DaisyDisk is a very useful tool that can show you in an user friendly manner what files are taking up large chunks of storage space, and then helps you decide if you still need them or not. The app also includes simple tools for previewing and deleting the unwanted items, so you can easily clean up your volume without going through the Finder.

DaisyDisk was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
DaisyDisk - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to easily select the folders and drives you want to process.DaisyDisk - The Scan drop-down menu provides you with the means to easily scan as administrator as well as view the information in Finder.DaisyDisk - After scanning is completed you can easily view a complete graph for the selected drive.DaisyDisk - screenshot #4DaisyDisk - screenshot #5

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