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Games getting old does not necessarily mean that you enjoy playing them less. Having a good emulator for your old MS-Dos games is essential whenever you want to go down memory lane.

DOSBox is a great application designed to emulate a fully functional x86 PC running with DOS and complete Input, Graphics, Sound and basic networking support. The app is very easy to install: a simple drag and drop to the Applications folder will do.

To actually use DOSBox you must choose a folder, preferably the one in which you keep all your DOS utilities, and mount it as the C: drive. To mount a folder you must type the following command: “MOUNT C ~/(the name of your games folder)”. Once created, you must navigate to that drive using basic DOS commands (“C:”). The next step is to open different directories using the “cd” command and simply run .exe files.

Additionally, you can create custom configuration files for different games and then launch the DOSBox app by running the following command in the Terminal app: “open -a DOSBox --args -conf path/to/your-config.conf”. At the same time you can use the Command Line Parameters (the included ReadMe document provides further information on this matter).

DOSBox provides support for most DOS command line tools and to view a list of all supported internal commands, simply type “HELP” in the prompt line. After you get your game running, DOSBox provides hotkeys for increasing/decreasing the frameskip or to slow down/speed up the game. However, DOSBox is able to run any DOS application, not only games.

DOSBox is a great DOS emulator that offers you the possibility to play vintage DOS games and other applications from your Mac. DOSBox comes with an extensive documentation that offers details about most options, but anyone that used the original DOS system will feel right at home.

DOSBox was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
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