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A lightweight and user-friendly utility that makes it easy for your to create and restore a bootable copy of your Mac's startup disk

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Clone X is a straightforward Mac OSX application that provides the necessary tools and features to make a bootable backup of your Mac’s startup disk with ease.

Helps you create backup copies of your startup disk

With Clone X’s help you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly create fully-functional bootable copies of your Mac’s hard disk, which you can use to change your hard drive.

In addition, Clone X enables you to create special copies of your startup partition, such as minimal system disks.

Clone X comes with a simple and intuitive interface that provides easy access to a series of useful tools and features you might need to create the needed backup disk.

As follows, from Clone X’s main window you can easily copy and entire content of a disk onto another bootable disk or in a sub-folder.

Create minimal system backups on USB drives

Moreover, Clone X helps you copy your entire system or you can use it to create a small system copy for maintenance, that you can use to boot your system from a USB thumb drive. As expected, Clone X is capable to restore your system or your entire disk back to a previous version using the desired copy.

Manually select the files you need to backup or restore

On top of that, Clone X give you the power to select the files and folders you want to restore on the source disk. Furthermore, you can use the Minimal System copy to create a test disks or to restart from a clean system.

What is more, Clone X allows you to create system backup copies with or without the User documents and settings, as well as restore an entire disk with or without the user data. It is worth mentioning that in order to create a Minimal System copy for your Mac you are required to have and UBS drive or hard disk with more than 10 GB of free space.

Clone X was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 2nd, 2015
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