Cinebench for Mac

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A powerful, real-world testing suite that evaluates your computer's performance as well as its capabilities.





Cinebench is based on the popular CINEMA 4D application and allows you to quickly compare graphics and CPU performance across multiple systems.

The Processor test requires you computer to render a photorealistic scene which makes heavy use of multiple algorithms that were specifically designed to test processor cores.

Cinebench was built in order to support more than 60 different processor threads. After the benchmark was run, the application will automatically display the results in points. Of course, higher scores mean faster processors.

The graphics card test uses a 3D car chase created to measure OpenGL performance. The performance varies, based on factors like drivers and GPU processor. There are almost 1 million polygons, transparency, lighting, environments and other details that will be taken into account before issuing a final score. Results are measured in frames per second.

Cinebench is a great product for measuring hardware capabilities before making hardware purchase decisions or optimizing products.
Last updated on January 10th, 2014

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