BlueStacks App Player for Mac

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OS X utility designed to provide a simple solution for Mac users that want to run their favorite Android application on their computer

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With the constant growth of Google’s Android platform so did the presence and demand for Android applications distributed via the Google Play store. Until now, all these apps could be used only on Android devices.

Simple, clean and handy app for Android and Mac users

Fortunately for Android lovers, BlueStacks App Player enables Mac users to download and enjoy their favorite Android app on their Mac, as well. Hence, you can find, download and install the desired Android app on your Mac and use it like it was an OS X application or game.

BlueStacks App Player comes with a user-friendly interface that helps you check the Top Charts, view all installed applications and even search for any given Android application. It is worth mentioning that you are required to have a valid Google account in order to access the Google Play store, download and install Android apps.

Synchronize your apps across multiple devices with just a click of a mouse button

BlueStacks App Player features a couple of pre-installed apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pulse, 1-Click Sync Setup and App Search. You can find more apps to install in the Top Charts tab or use the built-in search engine to find a game or app.

The great thing about BlueStacks App Player, is that you can effortlessly synchronized the apps installed on your Mac with one of your Android devices via the 1-click Sync Setup. The Search feature seems responsive and proves result in just a couple of seconds.

Customize BlueStacks App Player to fit your needs and manager your contacts with ease

You can run BlueStacks App Player in window or full screen mode and personalize it according to your needs and preferences. The Settings window helps you change the language, choose between multiple physical keyboard layouts, set the date and time, manage your contacts, change the App size, adjust the sound volume along with the app size.

BlueStacks App Player was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
BlueStacks App Player - In this window you can access installed apps.BlueStacks App Player - Here you can view and manage installed apps.BlueStacks App Player - You can start, stop or restart the App Player from the menu bar.BlueStacks App Player - Running an Android game.BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #5BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #6BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #7BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #8BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #9BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #10BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #11BlueStacks App Player - screenshot #12

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