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A simple, clean and user-friendly Time Machine browser that enables you to view all your backups and select the files you want to backup

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If you ever wandered why your Time Machine is always full, why the backup process is so slow or how many revisions a specific file / folder has, then BackupLoupe is the application that can help you figure out all above mentioned issues and questions.

Time Machine revisions browser

BackupLoupe is an intuitive and practical Time Machine browser that seamlessly integrates with your Mac’s Finder in order to offer you access to different backup versions of your computer.

On top of that, BackupLoupe helps you restore the desired file or folder that has been previously backed up by Time Machine to any location you want. Additionally you can choose to exclude various directories, such as temporary files or cache folders, from future backups.

Quick navigation and Finder integration

From BackupLoupe’s main window you can view, browse and analyze your backups in order to quickly find the items that require the most space from your backup drive. Thanks to the History slide panel, you can also view how many versions of the currently selected files are available and when they were created.

The quick navigation between the available versions helps you decide which version you need. Furthermore, BackupLoupe easily integrates with various applications via the System Services. Hence, you can select a file and view all its Time Machine revisions with just a few mouse clicks.

Advanced search features

The Find window helps you search and find files, folders and applications on your backup disk or Mac’s hard disk and filter the results according to their location and backup date. Moreover, BackupLoupe offers detailed statistics information about your backups as well as support for QuickLook and Growl notifications.

What is more, BackupLoupe helps you open files without restoring them first, browse and find files while your backup drive is not connected to your Mac. BackupLoupe is also capable to handle multiple Time Machine disks and backups stored in non-standard locations.

BackupLoupe was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
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