Apple Security Update Server for Mac

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An easy to install software package that enables you to quickly deploy the latest security fixes made available by apple for the Mac OS X servers.

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The server version of the Mac OS X has been developed to meet the needs of business users that want to share information and collaborate with multiple team members, without having to maintain an IT department to deal with all the configuration details.

Just as the user oriented operating system version, the Mac OS X Server might be subjected to various vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious applications. All discovered issues are thoroughly investigated by the Apple team, and patches designed to fix the problems are provided as soon as possible.

Effortlessly to install software package containing security fixes for the OS X server version

The Apple Security Update Server software package is provided free of charge, and you can easily install it on your computer by simply following the on screen instructions.

These fixes might also be included in the latest OS X update, but by separately downloading the security updater, you have the opportunity to deploy the fixes on your Mac, even if you do not want to update your operating system.

Seamlessly deploy the latest security fixes provided by Apple

Even though Apple will not make any discovered vulnerability public knowledge before a proper patch is available, when the Apple Security Update Server is released, a detailed changelog presenting all the fixes is also provided.

That is why, making sure that you always install the latest security fixes on your computers as soon as possible is extremely important.

Apple Security Update Server was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 18th, 2014
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