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A handy tool that will enable an OS X hidden feature which will help you set your shared printer to be visible on your iOS devices.

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handyPrint is a lightweight, yet powerful Mac OS X application specially designed to helps you print various files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using printers that do not support the AirPrint protocol.

User-friendly and practical printing tool for iOS users

To start using handyPrint you just have to download the small archive, copy handyPrint to your Applications folders and launch the app.

From handyPrint’s user-friendly interface are able to effortlessly turn on or off the app and let handyPrint to automatically start every time you login.

As a result, you no are no longer required to manually launch handyPrint every time you turn on your Mac.

In handyPrint’s main window you’ll be able to view a list with all available printers and you have the option to add a virtual printer and manage the ones that are already installed.

Easily check the printer status and manage all your printers

On top of that, you can view the status of handyPrint, add or remove printers and change their settings with ease. Thanks to the status report feature, you’ll be able to effortlessly view if your printer is in sharing or printing mode.

By accessing the Options tab, you can configure handyPrint to use the static TCP port 9631, remove the computer name from announcement, display the handyPrint icon in the status bar when the app is enabled and allow handyPrint to automatically check for updates.

Handy built-in assistant and intuitive status bar menu

With the help of the built-in Assistant you troubleshoot various problems that might occur when trying to print files using your iOS device. Moreover, handyPrint allows you cu customize print settings at any time and helps you choose your default printer, select the number of copies you want to print and target the pages for printing.

handyPrint’s status bar menu makes it easy for you to quickly check the service state, open the preferences window and access the desired printer.

handyPrint was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 12th, 2014
handyPrint - From the Printers options tab, users can easily add new (virtual) printers and manage the ones already added.handyPrint - The Options tab allows you to toggle the static TCP port and to set the app to force restart the AirPrint announcements every 10 minutes.handyPrint - The Assistant dialog enables one to effortlessly troubleshoot various bugs encountered while using handyPrint.handyPrinthandyPrinthandyPrint

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