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Network capability for Spotlight
Searchlight - The main window where you can enable or disable the service.
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Searchlight brings Apple's Spotlight to the network. Through a web interface you are able to search for documents stored on your server.

The web interface can be used by Macintosh, Windows and Linux users. Searchlight even allows you to subscribe to your documents.

Powered by RSS technology you will be informed whenever documents are changing or when new ones are created.

Power Search for the network
Searchlight brings Apple's Spotlight to the network. Through a web interface you are able to search with incredible speed for documents stored on your server. A click on one of the results connects your computer to the server and shows the document.

Documents notify
Searchlight Notification with RSS In the last years subscription based services started to evolve. They inform you about changes on websites, podcasts and more. Searchlight provides a subscription service for your documents. Powered by RSS technology Searchlight informs you whenever documents are changing or when new ones are created.

Main features:

  • Spotlight for everyone:
  • A lot of companies define rules and definitions how documents shall be filed away on the network servers. Unfortunately most companies fail with this approach. Employees are clicking through the server directories to find lost documents. It's a fact that a countless number of valuable hours of work is lost each year to find documents.
  • The biggest limitation of Spotlight is its limitation to the local machine. Searchlight wil bring the power of Spotlight to your LAN. Searchlight even brings the innovation of Spotlight to Windows and Linux users through a very simple web interface. A web browser is the only requirement to use Searchlight.
  • Searchlight automatically detects the connectivity possibilities of its clients. Therefore Windows and Linux users are provided with Windows File Sharing (SMB) Links to access the found documents. Mac users will get access through the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP). Searchlight even falls back to SMB when a document is not available through AFP. For our beloved Mac clients we even provide UrlRunner a special program to overcome some of the inconveniences of the Finder. Check out the help of the web client for details about UrlRunner.
  • Change Notification through RSS:
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has evolved over the last years. Subscription services like Podcasting and Videocasting have become very popular and use RSS. Weblogs use RSS to propagate new articles to their readers. Searchlight brings this innovation to your file server. Execute your search through Searchlight and subscribe to the search afterwards. Whenever a document which fits to your search criteria is changed or created you will be notified through your RSS reader. You can safely stop sending those "I have changed Xyz.doc" mails to your colleagues.
  • Saved Searches:
  • The Mac OS X Finder provides a functionality to define the most complex search criteria for Spotlight through a very simple interface. These complex search criteria can be stored as so called "Saved Search". Searchlight collects the Saved Searches defined on your server and provides them in the web interface. Therefore you have the possibility to define the most complex search criteria and use with Searchlight. For your convenience you can create Saved Searches on your client Macintosh and later on copy the Saved Search definition to your servers hard-disk. Searchlight will automatically find the Saved Search and you are ready to use it through its web interface.
  • Of course you can subscribe to Saved Searches in the same way as you could do for your normal Searchlight searches. Searchlight can create some basic Saved Searches when it is started for the first time. Be sure that you do not miss this cool feature.
  • Bonjour - Searchlight speaks Francais:
  • As we said before we are doing our best to make the whole process of finding your documents as simple as possible. The process of finding your documents starts by connecting to the Searchlight system running on your server. But what was the URL for Searchlight? What's the IP address of the server?
  • With Searchlight and Mac OS X you can stop to remember URLs. Searchlight is propagating its service in your network through the Bonjour technology. Just open Safari's bookmarks and select "Bonjour" in the "Collections" and voila all available Searchlight Servers show up.

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April 5th, 2010, 2:43 GMT
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CaseApps LLC
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Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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5 Screenshots
Searchlight - The Options window where you can set the server name.SearchlightSearchlightSearchlight
What's New in version 2.4
  • Fixes a problem where preview images where not created on Snow Leopard installations
  • 32 and 64 bit support
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