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A fully functional Mac OS X app that can capture photo and video using your Mac's camera by detecting motion and alert you in various ways

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iSentry Pro is a versatile Mac OS X motion detection app which can monitor the area in front of your Mac’s built-in iSight camera or a connected camera. The application can send you e-mails about detected motion, take pictures, record videos and upload images to your account.

With iSentry Pro, you get plenty of freedom in remotely monitoring areas using your webcam. Keep in mind though that the app is not a live video monitoring tool; it only supports photo and video recording, as well as sending emails and photos to imageshack. Moreover, iSentry Pro is designed to offer a free alternative to the plethora of security apps for OS X.

Furthermore, you can configure the start delay of motion detection, which can be immediate or after 3, 10, 30 seconds and after 1 or 5 minutes. Moreover, you can also easily adjust the camera sensitivity using a built-in slider in the main window.

Another advantage of using iSentry Pro is that it can monitor areas when you want; thus, you can set it to start and stop at any hour of the day. The list of features also includes configuring the photo and video recording. You can change the photo resolution, upload limit and frequency and set the limit recording for video.

When your camera detects motion, it can also play an alarm sound immediately or after a specified time. You have the freedom to select a noisy alarm such as air raid siren, ambulance, horror scream, etc. and adjust their volume. Intruders can get a real scare when hearing these alarms.

Real-time email notification is also supported. As soon as motion is detected, iSentry Pro sends an email to the address you have specified in the Mail tab of the settings. You can also change the subject and message. Depending on the sensitivity of the camera and amount of motion, iSentry Pro can send you a lot of emails in a short timeframe.

Overall, iSentry Pro is a reliable and extremely user-friendly tool for users who want to remotely monitor an area using a webcam. It might not be the most advanced security solution for OS X, but it is free and comes with a great number of functions that work great.

iSentry Pro was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
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