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A lightweight, unobtrusive and reliable application that enables you to lock or unlock your Mac using a removable USB drive, Bluetooth device or hotkey

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TokenLock is a trustworthy Mac OS X application specially designed to lock and unlock your Mac automatically when one of the supported devices or input methods is used. TokenLock prevents unauthorized access by using its own lock screen, OS X’s built-in screen saver or by sleeping your Mac’s display.

Wirelessly lock and unlock your Mac

TokenLock is capable to monitor your smartphone, or any bluetooth device for that manner, USB pen drives and devices or Apple IR Remote. When any of the compatible devices is disconnected or out of range, TokenLock automatically locks your computer.

What is more, TokenLock enables you to unlock your Mac when your reconnect the device or when it is back in range. You can also use your own password to unlock your Mac and regain control over your computer.

Run apps and scripts as you lock or unlock your computer

On top of that, you can configure TokenLock to run various applications, shell script or AppleScript when locking or unlocking your Mac. Thus, more experienced users, can setup TokenLock to log out of an IM client, stop the music playback, send messages and more.

You can prevent TokenLock from locking your Mac when connected to specific WiFi networks and use custom lock screens, messages and backgrounds. Moreover, the existing Screen Saver and Sleep settings are preserved and unaffected by TokenLock’s settings.

Add an extra layer of security with USB-based locking options

As mentioned above, you can use USB devices to lock or unlock your Mac and enable TokenLock to check the device serial numbers before performing an action. The active checking feature is constantly searching for the USB device even during startup in order to prevent unauthorized access.

At the same time, the USB “grace period” feature offers you enough time to change USB ports without locking up your Mac. Also, the re-lock function automatically locks your Mac if your computer is unlocked without inserting the USB device or having the Bluetooth device out of range.

TokenLock was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
TokenLock - From TokenLock's status bar menu, users can easily lock their Mac's desktop or quickly disable monitoring with a mouse click.TokenLock - screenshot #2TokenLock - By accessing the Security preferences tab, you will be able to change the password used to unlock your Mac and to protect TokenLock's options from being modified.TokenLock - screenshot #4TokenLock - screenshot #5TokenLock - TokenLock's USB options tab enables users to choose the USB device to be monitored.TokenLock - screenshot #7TokenLock - screenshot #8TokenLock - screenshot #9TokenLock - screenshot #10TokenLock - screenshot #11TokenLock - screenshot #12

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