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A useful utility that enables you keep track of your time and tasks in a more efficient manner with the help of specialized time recording tools

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TimeSlice is a utility that enables you to transform your Mac into a complex stopwatch in order to record how much time you spend on a certain task or the duration of different events.

Easy to use application that provides a comprehensive solution for time tracking tasks or events

Finding your way around the app is quite easy, since TimeSlice comes with a straightforward user interface. Via the toolbar placed in the top area of the main window, you can add new recordings, start, stop, or pause the tracking process, edit properties, or choose to visualize time reports.

In the bottom part of the app’s main window, via the Folders panel, you can easily organize your recordings into different groups, while with the help of the summary window you can visualize the start and stop time of each recording, the elapsed time, and the paused time.

Effortlessly keep track of expenses and customize your time recordings

What’s more, via the Control Panel users can visualize budget reports, customize invoices, designate hotkeys, export time files as QuickBooks Timer IIF files, merge iCal files, or access the OS X Contacts app.

Another great feature is the fact that TimeSlice can record your expenses: to create an expense, open the Control Panel, click Express Tab, and click the “+” button. Note that expenses are assigned individual time records and can also be archived.

Forthright time tracking solution featuring a collection of fast and effective tools

Furthermore, TimeSlice offers the possibility to customize your recordings by adding invoices, images, logos, or filters, thus enabling you to keep track of your tasks in a more personal and efficient manner.

All in all, TimeSlice is a useful and easy-to-use application that has the potential to make your life better by helping you to keep track of the time spent on a certain project and better manage you tasks at work, or in your day-to-day life.

TimeSlice was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on December 11th, 2014
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