ProtectMac AntiVirus for Mac

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An application designed to help its users to keep their Mac safe by staying away from viruses, spyware and other similar threats







ProtectMac AntiVirus gives you access to various powerful techniques used for the detection of malicious software. You can scan any part of your network or your Mac, schedule scans and even manage the detected threats.

The application comes with an architecture that includes a file access scanner which is always running in the background. This way, it intercepts each file you download, copy or open and checks it immediately to see if it's clean.

ProtectMac AntiVirus allows you to scan directly from the Finder, and it also provides support for scanning removable drives like DVDs, UBS sticks or CDs.

It's also integrated in the contextual menus, so you can easily right click and choose to scan a file at any given time. On top of that, it also allows you to scan multiple files at the same time, if you want to.

ProtectMac AntiVirus is also very secure and allows you to immediately remove any threat from your Mac. In addition, it also includes a History feature that allows you to track all threats that were deleted from your system.

From the Threats menu you can authorize file deletion, reveal threats in finder as well as clear or delete entries, if you want to.
Last updated on August 16th, 2014
ProtectMac AntiVirus - From ProtectMac AntiVirus' status bar menu you will be able to view a list of all detected threats and check for updates.ProtectMac AntiVirus - ProtectMac AntiVirus' main window enables you to scan for viruses on different hard-drives and folders.ProtectMac AntiVirus - By accessing the Threats menu, you can delete all the files that have been found to contain malware.ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #4ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #5ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #6ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #7ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #8ProtectMac AntiVirus - screenshot #9

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