Symantec Encryption Desktop for Mac

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A handy and powerful application that was built to secure and encrypt your files, emails, messages and disks






Symantec Encryption Desktop is a popular and reliable utility that provides you with a trustworthy encryption mode for your files.

Symantec Encryption Desktop brings with an intuitive interface that provides all the necessary tools to protect your confidential info, communications and files.

Furthermore, Symantec Encryption Desktop offers email security features and configuration options. Symantec Encryption Desktop was redesigned and uses PGP Universal technologies in order to provide automatic decryption and encryption, digital signatures and recipient key lookup.

The application makes it easier for your to manage your emails and other sensitive data in a secure environment.

The main application features can be access from the status bar item, so you can open it only when you need it, without interfering with your work.

Viewing encrypted items is easy, since Symantec Encryption Desktop includes its own PGP visualization tool.

The application allows you to create and save your own passphrase based on a criteria that can be customized in the General preferences window.

Moreover, you can choose to synchronize with keyservers on a daily basis, but also sync with other computers, if you want to. Furthermore, you can even create your own backup keys, if needed.

Symantec Encryption Desktop brings multiple secure mail preferences, like annotating incoming mails, protecting sent message copies, automatically adding the mail address to a key and others.

NOTE: To be able to use Symantec Encryption Desktop's trial version on your Mac, you will first have to register HERE.
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
Symantec Encryption Desktop - From Symantec Encryption Desktop's status bar menu you will be able to quickly open the Encryption Desktop and the PGP Viewer tools.Symantec Encryption Desktop - The Encryption Desktop enables you to generate PGP ZIP files and virtual disks, and to secure your messages.Symantec Encryption Desktop - You can add multiple files to the encrypted ZIP file by simply dragging and dropping them into the list.Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #4Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #5Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #6Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #7Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #8Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #9Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #10Symantec Encryption Desktop - screenshot #11

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