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A simple password management application for Mac OS X that can import records from 1Password, and comes with iCloud integration capabilities.

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Using the same password for all your accounts is an extremely unsafe practice, but memorizing your accounts credentials is an equally unrealistic solution. MasterPassword is a Mac app that allows you to store your accounts’ details in an organized and secure space.

To make sure your data is protected, MasterPassword has a master password which must be provided each time you launch the application: you need the correct passkey to access the interface.

Enables you to protect all sorts of information

You can use MasterPassword for managing account’s credentials, regardless of their purpose (computer login, web logins, mail, social media, messaging, multiple identities, and more), but you can also store details about your bank accounts, secret contacts, private documents or notes.

MasterPassword comes with a fairly intuitive interface so finding your way around is quite easy. At the same time, the app includes a password generator, so you can use it when setting up new accounts.

Import data from 1Password and sync to all your devices via iCloud

Noteworthy is that you do not have to input all the information manually: if you have been using the 1Password application, MasterPassword offers you the possibility to quickly import its database. All you have to do is provide the path to the app and your 1Password passkey: MasterPassword takes care of the rest.

In addition, MasterPassword allows you to sync the database to all your devices via the Apple iCloud. Last but not least, the app interface can be locked by the press of a button if you are leaving your computer for a short period of time (it can also be automatically locked when inactive for a specific time period).

Minimalist and efficient password management solution

MasterPassword offers you the possibility to store your credentials and important documents is a secure yet easily accessible location. The app can import your 1Password database, can sync the info to all your devices, and also includes a password generator for new accounts.

MasterPassword was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
MasterPassword - In the Master Password main window you can easily store credentials for various types of accounts.MasterPassword - screenshot #2MasterPassword - screenshot #3MasterPassword - In the Master Password main window you can easily store text notes in a secure environment.MasterPassword - screenshot #5MasterPassword - screenshot #6MasterPassword - Via the Master Password Preverences window you can quickly import your records from the 1Password application.

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