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A trustworthy and powerful application that enables you to track down your stolen computer and increase the chances of recovering your device

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Prey is a low-key and discreet Mac OS X application capable to keep track of your Mac, gather relevant data about your device and perform various actions if the computer is stolen.

Silently track your stolen device and find its location

The great thing about Prey is that it does not feature an app interface, it does not appear in your Applications folder or Activity monitor. Prey runs as a daemon and helps you keep track of your deice via the web interface.

The only thing you have to do is to launch the Installer from the lightweight DMG, follow the instructions and let Prey do the tracking and monitor work.

Once logged in on Prey’s webpage, you can view the list with the tracked devices and modify the tracking settings for each computer. You can also view the last time a device checked in and report it as missing if that is the case.

Grab valuable information about your Mac and use it to locate the thief

Prey allows you to decide what type of data to be captured if your Mac is missing. Consequently, you can configure Prey to attempt to geolocate your device using the internal GPS or the nearest WiFi access point as reference and grab detailed information about the network status such as the IP addresses, list of active connections, detected WiFi networks and the route from the computer to the Internet.

What is more, Prey is capable to gather valuable information about the current active session, take desktop screenshots and a list with all running applications. On top of that, you can configure Prey to take a picture of the current user using your Mac’s built-in or attached webcam.

Lock your Mac, play loud sounds and display warning messages

In the unfortunate event of a theft, you can perform a series of actions that could help you find the device, send alerts to the thief and prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

Thus you can make your Mac play a loud sound for 30 seconds so you can find it if it is nearby, change your wallpaper and display an alert message, and lock your Mac using the desired password.

Prey was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
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