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A seamless solution for the Mac which uses Bluetooth to lock your screen automatically when you are away and unlock it when you get back

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Keycard is a low-key OS X application that provides a very simple solution to automatically locking and unlocking your Mac.

Moreover, Keycard uses Bluetooth to detect when your iPhone (or other Bluetooth-enabled iOS device you’ve paired with) is away from your computer and then locks it for you. When you get back to your Mac, it magically unlocks.

The Keycard OS X utility is designed for users who want to secure their Macbook or iMac when leaving for just a couple of minutes to get some coffee, answer the door and what not. Keycard offers a seamless solution which requires almost no effort from your part.

When you and your device are at least 10 - 15 feet away from your Mac, the screen will activate Keycard’s lock screen. There are two ways of unlocking your Mac: the first is performed automatically when you’re close enough to your machine and the second is by entering a 4 digit code in the lock screen.

The digit code acts as a fail safe in case your iDevice got stolen, lost or discharged in the meantime. This way, you have a backup solution in the event that something has happened to your mobile device. The code can be changed via the menu bar panel.

Keycard sits on your menu bar and displays a compact panel for configuring all its settings. Moreover, the panel shows what the Keycard app is currently doing: searching for devices, displaying the detected devices or the ‘Unlocked” status. It also detects the sensitivity of the connection: low, medium or high.

To conclude, Keycard might be the perfect app for users who seek an automatic solution to lock / unlock their Macs due to the fact that it uses the highly common Bluetooth technology to communicate with your device and even offers a backup plan to unlock your screen in case you can’t use your device.

Keycard was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on April 17th, 2015
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