Keyboard Spy Logger for Mac6.0

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A simple software solution for Mac OS X that runs in the background and records all keyboard strokes to a .log file that can be visualized in the .

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Recording the keyboard activity can prove useful whenever something goes wrong or if you want to monitor other’s activity while they are using your computer. Keyboard Spy is a small Mac OS X utility that can help you with that.

Runs in the background

Using Keyboard Spy is extremely easy since the app does not require any kind of installation procedure. When you launch the app, you are presented with its Preferences panel: make the necessary adjustments and close the window.

Keyboard Spy will continue doing its job in the background, but nothing will betray its presence. This way you can record the keyboard activity without anyone noticing.

Minimalist customization options

In the Keyboard Spy main window you get to specify the output location for the log file and the log file extension type. Moreover, you can choose to add the utility to the Login items list, to check for updates automatically, or to reset the preferences on your next launch.

Separate utility for stopping the recording process

Besides the Keyboard Spy app, the software package includes two additional utilities: “Open Keyboard Spy Preferences” and “Quit Keyboard Spy “. Since the app runs in the background and you cannot access its interface in more conventional manners, these utilities are essential if you want to stop the recording or to modify the Keyboard Spy settings.

Detect application switching

The best part is that Keyboard Spy also detects when you switch between applications: as a result, the log with contain both the keyboard strokes and the target applications.

Discreet solution for recording keyboard stokes

Keyboard Spy  is a great tool to have around if you want to keep an eye on the text that is being typed on your Mac. Since the app runs in the background, you are able to record the keystrokes without letting anyone know.

Keyboard Spy Logger was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 22nd, 2015
Keyboard Spy Logger - The Keyboard Spy Preferences window where you can easily set the output location.

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