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A Java written LDAP browser and editor designed from the ground up to enable users to add, delete, copy, and modify LDAP and X500 directories
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JXplorer is an easy to use, cross platform LDAP browser and editor. JXplorer is a standards compliant general purpose LDAP client that allows you to read and search any LDAP directory, or any X500 directory with an LDAP interface.

JXplorer is developed using the Java programming language and the source code and Ant build system are available via svn or as a packaged build for users who want to experiment with or extend the program.

Main features:

  • Ldap operations: add/delete/copy/modify:
  • A graphical tree view allows users to easily delete and copy entries. A table view (or an html form view, if provided) allows the user to edit attributes of an entry, including multi-values and binary attributes. JXplorer reads schema from ldap v3 directories and uses that schema to create a template for creation of new entries from scratch.
  • Complex operations: tree copy and tree delete:
  • Many directories do not support the renaming of non-leaf entries, or the deletion of entire trees of entries. JXplorer supports both by reading and re-writing the tree behind the scenes.
  • Optional GUI based search filter construction:
  • Constructing raw ldap search filters is beyond most users, so in addition to raw entry JXplorer provides a mathematically complete, yet easy to use, method of graphically building these search filters.
  • SSL and SASL authentication:
  • Full support for SSL and SASL authentication is provided via a custom java SSL socket factory. Graphical tools are provided to browse the certificate keystores and view certificates.
  • HTML templates/forms for data display:
  • Users may provide their own html template pages to display their data, using a simple extension to html (the addition of an 'attribute' tag). In addition, html forms can be provided to modify entries using the same technique. The same html page can combine both editable and read only data.
  • Table view of generic entry data:
  • If html templates are not available, or when viewing arbitrary data, a generic table view of entries is provided.
  • Binary Data Attribute Handling:
  • A wide range of binary data (audio files, images, certificates etc.) are handled by both the table and html entry editors, and more can be added by the user through writing code plugins. On windows, many data types can be handed off to the default handlers, and this works to some extent on unix variants as well.
  • Pluggable editors/viewers:
  • Users can write their own entry handling 'plug-ins' to work along side, or take the place of, the html and table entry editors.
  • These plugins are triggered on the particular object class (or parent object class) of the entry being viewed. Using this technique entire applications for directory administration and handling can be (and have been!) written.
  • Security Keystore GUI:
  • A graphical interface to the java keystore has been written, and has been tested with a number of keystore formats. This allows users less familiar with certificate based security to work with certificates in a manner similar to that supported in modern web browsers.

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December 9th, 2014, 8:50 GMT
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JXplorer Team
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Mac OS X
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Universal Binary
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6 Screenshots
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What's New in version RC 3
  • modified SHA- and SSHA- algorithms to *not* have '-' characters in the algorithm name in the LDAP value: e.g. "{SSHA51}s234xqw..." instead of "{SSHA-512}s234xqw..."
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