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An intuitive and cross-platform IP changer proxy utility designed to make it very easy to browse the web anonymously, to send anonymous e-mails and for many other privacy protection purposes

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JonDo is a streamlined and comprehensive anonymisation solution, designed from the ground up to act like am anonymizing layer between your Mac and the Internet which automatically forwards all your computer's internet traffic via a cascade of interconnected proxies, thus effectively hiding your IP address.

Free web browsing anonymisation solution

Moreover, JonDo can be used for free by anyone but, if you want full speed browsing, unrestricted proxy cascades as well as full anonymisation of your web traffic, you should use a premium account.

Although the JonDo suite provides an anonymous proxy, it does NOT and will NOT change any of your system settings for you. Thus, users have to manually configure the proxy settings for each of their Internet enabled apps in order to have their identity protected.

Removes web browsing traces to protect your identity and privacy

Furthermore, unlike other online anonymisation services which in most cases will restrict your computer's Internet access to web surfing, JonDo does no such thing.

On the contrary, JonDo provides extra ways of making yourself invisible to avoid leaving traces on the Internet, like sending anonymous e-mails or taking part in chats with all data sent between your client and the other party automatically anonymized by JonDo.

Built-in and automatic web traffic encryption

Most importantly, in order to further protect your anonymity, JonDo will automatically encrypt the web traffic between your Mac and the rest of the Internet. More specifically, JonDo encrypts your traffic to all proxy servers within the current proxy cascade.

One other noteworthy JonDo feature is the fact that it can be used as an effective anti-censorship tool by visiting otherwise blocked websites with the help of a proxy server that can access the website in question.

Intuitive and comprehensive IP address hider and web identity anonymizer

On the whole, the JonDo anonymisation software solution makes it possible to surf the web without having to worry about third parties being able to snoop on your current geographical location or any other bits of information that could be used to pinpoint your real identity.

Jondo was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 21st, 2015
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