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A powerful yet easy to set up parenting control solution designed to restrict the internet access for certain users and block objectionable content.

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Developed by Intego, the Family Protector Mac OS X application is designed to help you guard certain users against inappropriate or dangerous content available online. The utility allows you to quickly set up proper boundaries, which you can personalize for each user.

Easy to install and setup parenting control application that can handle multiple users

For your convenience, Family Protector comes with an installer package that also includes uninstalling capabilities: this way you can make sure the proper procedures are followed in both instances.

Upon launch, Family Protector is able to detect all users defined on your Mac, and then enables you to configure the Internet access rules in each case (the app also includes a Setup assistant designed to streamline the process). In addition, Family Protector is also able to monitor the online activity for each account and provide reports, including email alerts if necessary.

Protect users against objectionable content by creating white lists and time of day restrictions

Family Protector is able to block certain websites, but you also have the possibility to block all traffic, except certain URLs that are included on a white list. To avoid any issues, the restrictions can be bypasses in the browser, as long as the necessary credentials are provided.

Moreover, Family Protector provides support for setting up time of day restrictions: you can establish a maximum amount of time for each day, thus ensuring certain users do not spend too much time online. What’s more, the app includes an AntiPredator chat monitoring tool and can block emails that have inappropriate subjects.

Comprehensive software solution for restricting the internet access to certain users and monitoring their activity

Family Protector includes tools for blocking certain websites, emails with objectionable content, or potentially dangerous chats. In addition, you can block specific applications, and even create a schedule for the internet access. However, the app also includes a “monitor only” mode that does not temper with the user’s requests, but provides extensive activity reports.

Family Protector was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
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