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A lightweight and versatile password generator that enables you to create strong and complex passwords for your online accounts.

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DotPass is a straightforward Mac OS X utility designed to generate and retrieve passwords using different patterns between dots.

A well-designed and intuitive password generator for everyday use

From DotPass’ main window, you can easily draw your graphical pattern and insert a plaint text as seed word in order to obtain strong passwords based on your unique combination. DotPass comes with a colorful and responsive user interface that changes its color as you draw your pattern.

What is more, DotPass enables you to retrieve your password, as long as you provide the same pattern and seed word. In other words, you only have to remember the pattern you draw along with your seed word and recover your passwords with ease.

The the passwords with you and retrieve them from your iOS device

The great advantage provided by DotPass, is that your passwords are not stored on your device, in the cloud or sent over the net. You can even try the iOS version of that app and take your passwords with you everywhere you go.

For example, you can use easy to remember seed words like Facebook, email or Wi-Fi to generate hard to guess passwords for all your accounts. All you’ll ever need to remember is your pattern and you can retrieve your passwords in no time.

Protect your passwords and patterns from prying eyes

It goes without saying, that you must keep your patterns and your seed words secret if you want your passwords to be safe. More concerned users can access the Preferences window and configure DotPass to automatically hide the patter after entry.

Moreover, DotPass is able to automatically hide itself when the app is no longer used and, if not used for 30 seconds, close itself and remove the copied password from the clipboard.

DotPass was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 15th, 2015
DotPass - From DotPass' main window you can draw a pattern to start configuring the password generator.DotPass - You also need to provide a seed word in order for DotPass to generate your password.DotPass - The Preference window, helps you enable or disable various options like pattern hide.

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