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Enables system administrators and Mac users to protect the operating system on any workstation by completely restoring the Mac to its original configuration every time it restarts

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We've all encountered corrupted software, installed bad apps and changed things in the Terminal beyond repair and as a result had to reinstall the entire operating system. If only there was an app that could reset your Mac's operating system to its original state. Fortunately, Deep Freeze is the application that can do that for you.

Moreover, Deep Freeze is a straightforward OS X application that enables system administrators and Mac users to protect and preserve the core operating system and configuration files on a workstation by restoring the Mac to its original configuration every time it restarts.

In other words, you will be able to make virtually any change you want to your system, delete or modify core files and once you restart your Mac, the originally configured "frozen" state of the operating system will be restored.

Additionally, Deep Freeze is easy to install, you just have to follow the instructions provided by the installer from the DMG image available on the official website. You will be able to use and test the app for 30 days after which you have to pay $66 in order to continue using it.

Deep Freeze features an intuitive interface from which you can choose to boot in Frozen or Thawed mode with just a few mouse clicks, and it makes it very simple to "freeze" data by mapping application data for all accounts or only a certain user to a unprotected partition called a ThawSpace.

Thanks to the Apple Remote Desktop, you can also manage and configure Deep Freeze across a network. As a result, you will be able to remotely access the mapping features on multiple Mac's connected to the same network.

Another great feature about Deep Freeze is that you can protect your Mac without restricting the user's ability to access system files or resources.

All in all, Deep Freeze is trustworthy and easy-to-use utility that will automatically reset your Mac to the original configuration. System administrators can save hours of troubleshooting and cleaning while home users can test new apps without worrying about damaging their operating system.

Deep Freeze was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
Deep Freeze - From the Boot Control tab you will be able to tell Deep Freeze if you want it to boot in Frozen or Thawed mode.Deep Freeze - In the DF Users tab you can add new users, edit the ones already added or delete the ones you no longer need to manage your Deep Freeze installation.Deep Freeze - When you start Deep Freeze Remote for the first time on your Mac, you will be asked to add an username and a password that will to manage Deep Freeze remotely via ARD.Deep Freeze - screenshot #4Deep Freeze - screenshot #5

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