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Minimalist and highly entertaining aquarium, fireplace and sunset HD screensaver that will make your Mac's idle desktop look a lot better

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Lock Screen HD is a simple and user-oriented application that provides three different types of high quality screensavers for your Mac.

Thanks to Lock Screen HD you can use one of the nine immersive and relaxing HD videos as your Mac’s screensaver. In other words, you can turn you Mac into an aquarium full of live, a warm fireplace or a calm sunset.

You can select one of the aquarium scenes to view and enjoy the beauty of a tropical reef or create a romantic atmosphere and “warm up” your room with one of the fireplace scenes. If you just want to relax and gather you thoughts you can sit back and cherish one of the beach sunset scenes.

Lock Screen HD features real videos which are seamlessly looped in order to offer an captivating and enjoyable experience. What is more, you can use one of the three clock designs, flip, text or analog clock to be displayed at the top of the screensaver.

All clock designs display the current date and day of the week while the top toolbar helps you view the WiFi network to which you are connected and your MacBook’s battery status.

In addition, Lock Screen HD provides three different methods to stop or unlock the screen saver. You can use the stop button displayed at the bottom of the screen, simply move your mouse while in screensaver mode or use the Pass Pattern feature. You can easily draw your own pass patter by accessing Lock Screen HD’s Preferences window.

You can even use Lock Screen HD for two screens, hide or show the dock icon, disable the menubar icon and enable the app to automatically start at login. All nine scenes are available under the Video tab from which you can select the desired one.

To conclude, Lock Screen HD is a simple and easy-to-use screensaver app designed to offer your various high quality videos that you can enjoy during your work breaks.

Lock Screen HD was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 24th, 2015
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