Fliqlo for Mac1.6.1

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A beautiful screensaver that will place a large, simple, minimalist, black and white clock with a flip-style design on your Mac's desktop.

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Personalizing your Mac’s appearance is very important if you want to create a working environment that matches both your needs and your design affinities. Fliqlo is a Mac OS X screensaver that tries to combine both: it features a stylish, black and white, large clock that can be seen even from the other end of the room.

Effortless to install screensaver that puts a huge digital clock on your screen

Since Fliqlo is a Mac screensaver, it comes with a built-in installation system that automatically copies the file to the “Library/Screen Savers” folder: simply unarchive the software package and double click on the .saver file.

Depending on your Gatekeeper settings, you might receive an alert warning you about “unidentified developers”. In this case, you either temporarily change your Gatekeeper settings, or you manually copy the .saver file to your library.

Features a classic digital clock design and simple customization options

Like all the other Mac screensavers out there, Fliqlo can be easily managed via the System Preferences window: through the contextual menu you can easily remove it from your system, while the Options panel enables you to customize its appearance.

Fliqlo offers you the possibility to adjust the clock size via a simple slider bar (note that the clock always remains centered) and enables you to switch between a 12 and a 24 hour clock with a single mouse click.

Stylish black and white clock screensaver for your Mac

Due to its clean, beautiful yet highly functional design, Fliqlo is definitely an interesting addition to one’s screensavers collection. However, Fliqlo is limited to a single color palette (black and white) which might not match all needs.

Fliqlo was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Fliqlo - You can preview the Fliqlo screensaver design in full screen mode.Fliqlo - From the Fliqlo Options window you can change the time format and the clock size.

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