Desktop Aquarium 3D for Mac1.9

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Enables you to give an original look to your Mac by using a 3D, fish populated aquarium as your desktop wallpaper or as your screen saver.

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Designed to put a 3D aquarium on your desktop, Desktop Aquarium 3D can be used both as a wallpaper and as a desktop screensaver.

Simply launch the application and in the top area of the main window you will be able to quickly preview the 3D aquarium with realistic fish models swimming around. Most customization options can be accessed from the bottom area of the main window.

By checking the appropriate boxes you can choose to display the aquarium as your live wallpaper or to run it as your screen saver after a certain time period. Take into account that Desktop Aquarium 3D will not interfere with the screen saver settings made within the System Preferences window. In fact, it is better if you disable the system screensaver all together.

Within the Aquarium Options window you can change the 3D aquarium background image (it can be your current wallpaper or pictures randomly loaded from a certain folder), the background detail level, the water level or resolution.

Additionally, you can decide to start with an empty tank that will fill gradually, you can add underwater lightning effects or you can choose to see random bubbles. Furthermore, you can adjust the fish number, their size and the models that should appear on your desktop (you can sort them by salt and fresh water types).

Noteworthy is the fact that Desktop Aquarium 3D does not modify your default screensaver or wallpaper settings in any way: simply quit the application and everything goes back to normal.

Desktop Aquarium 3D comes with an intuitive interface and is quite easy to set up. Most of the included personalization options are available via the Main window and taking advantage of everything it has too offer should not be too hard, even for most inexperienced users.

Desktop Aquarium 3D was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 15th, 2013
Desktop Aquarium 3D - You will be able to set the aquarium as your desktop live wallpaper and as a screensaver from the main window.Desktop Aquarium 3D - The General settings enable you to select a background image, water level and more.Desktop Aquarium 3D - You can also select the number of fish and the average fish size from the Fish settings.

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