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An easy to use and user-friendly cloud-based reservation and scheduling system that makes it possible to handle large collections of resources a lot easier






Booked (formerly known as phpScheduleIt) is a powerful and effective web-based reservation and scheduling system that enables multiple users to register and place reservation on all types or resources, from conference rooms, machines, computers and more.

The administrative side allows complete control over user permissions, reservation data, resource data, and is has many configurable settings.

Booked is OS independent and only requires a web server running PHP and MySQL. Consequently, you can place an unlimited number of schedules, resources, reservations and users.

What is more, Booked comes with a handy reporting system as well as reservation start and end reminders.
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
Booked - From the Dashboard page you can easily view upcoming reservations along with all new announcements.Booked - The My Account tab helps you personalize your Profile, change your password and notification preferences.Booked - By accessing the Schedule tab, you can view your bookings and calendar.Booked - screenshot #4Booked - screenshot #5Booked - screenshot #6

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