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A free and open-source network protocol protocol analyzer that enables you to capture the network traffic and analyze it in detail

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WireShark is a powerful and reliable network protocol analyzer for mid-sized companies, educational institutions and many other industries.

Powerful and comprehensive open source network problem identifier and analyzer

By using WireShark you can analyze your network’s activity, find erroneous packets and identify a wide variety of problems such as bottlenecks that can alter the efficiency and performance of the network.

All captured files are saved in the LIBPCAP format, but WireShark is capable to read and auto-detect other capture files as well. Additionally, you can read data from GZIP files without decompressing the archive.

Support for capturing various types of network traffic and an inbuilt color-coded packet analysis system

To start the capture process you just have to select the connection for which you want to view the network information. You can choose an Ethernet adapter on a desktop computer or a wireless adapter on a MacBook. You can also capture Bluethooth, USB, VLANS and other types of network traffic.

The Expert Info feature helps you detect notable or uncommon network behavior. Thanks to the color-coded system you can easily read the line of information in the order of their severity level. For example, the red color indicates the presence of malformed packets generated by Demoal-of-Service attack or a dying network card. At the same time the Cyan color could signal the presence of a 404 error.

WireShark can be customized according to your needs by specifying the traffic type you want to monitor. Hence, you can view only packets containing a specific protocol or filter the displayed traffic using one of the pre-defined display filter expressions.

Compatible with numerous traffic capture file formats and capable of decrypting a wide array of security algorithms

WireShark is capable to read and write different file formats such as Pcap NG, tcpdump, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, NetScreen snoop, Network Gneral Sniffer and Visual Network Visual UpTime, just to name a few.

Also, WireShark comes with decryption support for numerous algorithms, including Kerberos, IPsec, SNMPv3, ISAKMP, WPA/WPA2, WEP and SSL/TLS. The output can be exported to PostScript, CSV, plain text or XML files.

WireShark was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 3rd, 2015
WireShark - From WireShark's main window, users can easily choose which interface should be used for capturing network traffic.WireShark - The Filter Expression window enables users to quickly select the format of the packet they are looking for within the network traffic.WireShark - Once the capturing process has started, WireShark will display the captured traffic packets within the main window.WireShark - screenshot #4WireShark - screenshot #5WireShark - screenshot #6WireShark - screenshot #7WireShark - screenshot #8WireShark - screenshot #9WireShark - screenshot #10WireShark - screenshot #11WireShark - screenshot #12WireShark - screenshot #13WireShark - screenshot #14

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