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Provides access to a simple and organized graphical interface designed to help you control Tor and anonymize your internet activity.






Vidalia provides a graphical user interface for controlling Tor in a simple and intuitive manner. The Tor project aims at making your internet activity anonymous and help you protect your identity, regardless of your reason.

Vidalia is designed to run on most architectures that are supported by Qt 4.3 or later. The app is extremely easy to install: make sure Tor is already installed on your Mac and then simply copy the Vidalia app to your drive.

The Vidalia Control Panel displays the current Tor status and provides quick access to some of its features. You will be able to quickly start or stop the service, visualize the network and all active relays, start relaying or choose to use a new identity.

In addition, you can monitor the Tor bandwidth usage, access the Message Log window or the Settings panel. Knowing how to set up Tor correctly is very important if you want to keep the service running properly and remain protected. The extensive Help document provides details about each option included in the Settings area.

Furthermore, via the Settings window you can set up your own Tor relay if you want to be a part of the network. Take into account that Vidalia does not work if Tor is not already installed on your Mac.

The developers recommend downloading the Tor Browser Bundle, which is a user friendly Tor version and contains Tor, Vidalia and all you need to quickly start browsing the internet anonymously.

However, although it is more time consuming and complicated, you can install Tor manually and be protected all the time, not only when you use the Tor Browser.

Vidalia is an easy to use controller application that will prove extremely useful if you want to start and stop the Tor without using the command line.
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
Vidalia - In the Vidalia main window you can easily view the Tor connection status, access the bandwidth graph, the Message Log window and more.Vidalia - In the Tor Network Map window you can view the currently active relays and your own connections.Vidalia - screenshot #3Vidalia - screenshot #4Vidalia - screenshot #5Vidalia - screenshot #6Vidalia - In the Vidalia Settings window you can choose to set up your own relay and become a part of the network.Vidalia - screenshot #8Vidalia - screenshot #9

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