Swift Share 2.0.7

Easily create both Windows and Macintosh share points
Swift Share
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Sharing files across your local network just got easier! Take control of Mac OS X's built-in file servers and tweak them to perfection.

Share points are points across the network at which remote users can access your files. Mac OS X gives you one default share point: your home directory. However, if you're anywhere but home, you won't want to be giving everyone access to your entire home directory! Using Swift Share, choose only which folders you share and which users have access.

The power of Swift Share doesn't end at its ability to manage your share points. Swift Share will also offer unique flexibility to manage users and groups on your system. For instance, create a new group of sharing-only users to access a 'Games' folder on your computer.

Swift Share also gives you more than just start and stop controls for the powerful file servers built-in to Mac OS X. Customize nearly one hundred aspects of the Apple and Windows file servers. From user limits, guest permissions, and logging to workgroups, authorization modes, and greetings!

Main features:

  • Users & Groups:
  • Create, modify and delete user accounts and groups
  • Change unique IDs
  • Change home path
  • Change user groups
  • Share user public directories
  • Disable or change the user shell
  • Reset user passwords
  • Add users to groups
  • Windows File Sharing:
  • Edit the Server Description
  • Change the Workgroup
  • Modify the NetBIOS name
  • Add a WINS Server
  • Link to a CUPS Server
  • Limit incoming connections
  • Change handling of bad logins
  • Change DOS, UNIX, and the Display Character Set
  • Enhance the Authentication Mode
  • Swap the PassDB Backend
  • Increase or decrease the os level
  • Modify the security mode
  • Add a list of files to veto during copy
  • Create a list of files to hide
  • Hide files beginning with a period
  • Enable Local Master Browser mode
  • Toggle Spnego
  • Encrypt Passwords
  • Enable Defer Sharing Violations
  • Disable Byte Range Lock Manager
  • Activate or deactivate home directories
  • Use Client NTLMv2 Auth
  • Make home directories browseable
  • Force home directories to be read-only
  • Share Points:
  • Create, modify, and delete Macintosh or Windows share points
  • Edit directory permissions
  • Limit user or group access
  • Inherit owner or permissions
  • Enable guest access
  • Enable or disable shares
  • Make Windows shares invisible to the network
  • Apple File Sharing:
  • Advertise Apple Personal File Sharing on AppleTalk & Bonjour
  • Allow SSH tunneling
  • Grant admin users root access
  • Automatically create home directories for file sharing users
  • Enforce quotas on home folders
  • Use home directories
  • Limit Mac OS X admins to only seeing share points
  • Limit Mac OS 9 users to only seeing share points
  • Allow root login
  • Allow clients to sleep
  • Allow admins to masquerade as other users
  • Auto restart server after crash
  • Notify client if the server is full
  • Send login greeting only once to users
  • Enable Logging
  • Disconnect idle users
  • Change the login message
  • Change the warning message when disconnected for being idle
  • Modify the maximum allowed sleep and idle time
  • Adjust log retention based on size and/or age
  • Set a maximum connections limit
  • Limit number of concurrent threads
  • Limit number of allowed guests
  • Change the AFS port

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Swift Share

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What's New in This Release:
  • Bug Fix: Mavericks compatibility.
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