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Offers you the possibility to quickly access your computer remotely by using a web service or client applications available for different types of mobile devices.

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Being able to access your computer at all times is great, especially if you like working on the go. RDM+ Desktop is a simple application designed to help you connect to your Mac from any web browser or via a client application installed on your mobile device.

Setting up RDM+ Desktop is extremely easy: the app comes with its own installer and all you have to do is create user accounts that can access your Mac (you need to specify a name, a password and the access rights). At the other end, the package also includes an uninstalling application that makes sure the app is correctly removed.

RDM+ Desktop also provides quick instructions on how to download and install the client applications on you mobile devices or how to access the web service.

Take into account that the client applications are commercialware and that you need to create an RDM+ web account to be able to connect from your browser. You can sign up for a free RDM+ account but your access will be limited.

You are able to control your computer without having an internet connection (in the Preferences you must check the “Local network connections only” box ) but in his case you must use the client app installed on your phone. Note that not all mobile clients are able to support this feature.

Working with RDM+ Desktop is quite intuitive: your computer receives a number and, whenever you need to establish a new connection, all you have to do is provide that number and the details of one of the available accounts.

However, since you get to save your computer’s details in your RDM+ web account and even choose to save the connection password, there might be certain security concerns when it comes to using RDM+ Desktop.

To sum up, RDM+ Desktop enables you to connect and control your computer remotely from a web browser or mobile device, but you must be careful to at least ask for the password each time a new connection is established.

RDM+ Desktop was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 21st, 2013
RDM+ Desktop - In the RDM+ web console you can easily connect to different computers and control their behaviour.RDM+ Desktop - In the RDM+ Desktop main window you can read instructions on how to download the RDM+ client applications for different types of devices.RDM+ Desktop - screenshot #3RDM+ Desktop - In the RDM+ Desktop main window you can view the currently set up account and create new ones.RDM+ Desktop - screenshot #5RDM+ Desktop - screenshot #6

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